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MartinPortugal's News

Posted by MartinPortugal - July 10th, 2019

how do you think the "martin the human" intro should be? I don't have any ideas :\

I am talking about the intro animation, not the music.


Posted by MartinPortugal - May 29th, 2019

Ok, school is almost over (that's why it looked like was dead for the last month) and 2 out of the 4 voice actors recorded their lines for the REAL 1st episode of Martin The Human, I NEED to get all the lines recorded before I start animating, and that's a problem, because one of my friends' mic is shitty as fu- so i don't know how his lines will be recorded...

anyways... see you in june

[in june 2029 because that's when I will REALLY want to animate this.]

btw im obiously not serious

Posted by MartinPortugal - April 18th, 2019


in case you don't get it, google changed its "doodle" just for me or any other person whose birthday is on april 18, you can see in that box the phrase: Happy Birthday MartinDisk! (martindisk is my main username on any social media, except newgrounds.)


Posted by MartinPortugal - April 18th, 2019

Wanna know how old I am? well, it is not going to be today! but getting a year older changes nothing, i'm the same stupid guy. Maybe i will do something for today but I don't know, Every year, I say to myself "okay, let's do something because this is (not) a special day!" and then, I do nothing, and that's why I said MAYBE i'll do something.

Posted by MartinPortugal - April 11th, 2019

oh boy! it's been 6 months and i haven't done shit! no worries, it's only a pilot/test episode, and the biggest mistake I've done was that I completely changed my art style DURING the animation making process!

So, I'm just saying, that the test episode is crappy and every scene has a different art style from another because i was learning a lot of new stuff, but once again, my new drawing will have a more consistent art style.

Posted by MartinPortugal - April 7th, 2019

not me ._.

Posted by MartinPortugal - March 4th, 2019

Ok, so, as you might know, i started a project called martin the human (which was an old comic book I made back in elementary school) and it is my first animation that was well planned since the beginning, it has scripts, voice actors (only two, but ok) better animation (considering that my older ones were some stick figure animations that barely moved). And it was going well, until i notice that it has been 6 months and i haven't done shit. and i should point out the many things that happened:

1st- My laptop was too shitty to animate and i only had a mouse (that's why no one liked the 1st part of the cartoon)

2nd- Moved over to my better PC, but still using a mouse, 2 weeks later i get my first drawing tablet (now it's a whole lot easier) but the problem was that i used the tablet like shit (that's why the 2nd part looks so poorly drawn)

3rd- My better PC fucking dies, and i have only got my shitty ass laptop, and i gave up immediately on working there.

4th- 2 months after i started the cartoon, i finally record all the voices with my friend when he went to my house (that's why all the parts didn't have sound yet)

5th- My laptop made an update (because the win10 april update was the worst thing technology has ever saw) and it works now!

6th- I have already uploaded 3 parts of the cartoon to newgrounds, and everyone hates it. (that's why i didn't animate for almost 2 months)

7th- I start drawing more than i animate and my account is getting more followers (thanks for 12 fans!).

8th(today)- i stopped giving a fuck to the haters and i will start working in Martin The Human again.


Posted by MartinPortugal - March 2nd, 2019

Ok, so... For some reason, my internet cables are just retarded and decided to fucking die, that means i don't have internet and tv. This feels really quiet without TV even with my family talking.

How am i writing this without internet? Well, i have some mobile data on the phone and i even used it as a hotspot for the PC but the connection was too shitty.

Btw my internet died only 3 hours ago, thats how i was able to upload my Walk cycle this morning.

Posted by MartinPortugal - February 15th, 2019

iu_7727_6503308.jpgHey there, i just want to anounce that i lost my GameBoy.

It may sound like nothing special to you, but it was the first console that i had, the first toy i ever loved, my best friend for a long time, and specially, a huge source of entertainment.

This won't completely affect my life, but i'm really sad now, today is probably the worst day of my life. Everyone that knows about this noticed that, today, I was really sad, and that may look weird to you, being sad about a fucking console, but they knew how much i liked the GameBoy, i had it for 9 years of my life and i played with it almost every week. (the gameboy on the image is actually the one I lost)


Posted by MartinPortugal - February 9th, 2019

if you don't remember, my main PC died, and my only one left was my shitty laptop, it couldn't update to the latest windows10 update and it didn't run my animations at the correct framerate (it ran at 15 fps instead of 24). But... It was finally able to update this morning, and i noticed that my animations run at 24 fps! so that means I can finally ANIMATE AGAIN!!!